Fighting For My Reputation

Fighting For My Reputation

Four Reasons You Need To Request The Services Of A DWI Attorney

Luke Warren

While there are some situations in which you might not need the assistance of a DWI attorney, either because you are satisfied with the outcome of your case or you want to admit fault for the damages you have caused and face the consequences, whatever they might be, there are still more situations in which you will want an attorney. Here are four specific reasons why:

​You Injured Someone: In a case where you have injured someone, your DWI is probably going to become a felony, which means you are facing prison time or serious civil damages that are expensive to take care of. It's important that you have a DWI attorney at this point to help you face less severe consequences for your case, especially if you actually killed someone. A more lenient sentencing at this point is definitely desirable, which your attorney can help you accomplish. 

You're an Immigrant: The problem with facing a DWI as an immigrant is that there is a high chance of being deported, especially if you have injured or killed someone. Your attorney is going to ensure that you suffer less severe charges than this, especially if this is your first-time offense. 

You Were Driving With a Minor: If you were driving with a minor, especially if it was your own child, you want to have proper legal defense. This is considered endangerment and can even lead to a felony. In this case, it could become an issue with the state over custody matters if it was your own child, or you could face jail time. Either way, you want your legal defense to support that it's not something that will happen again, which could lead to less severe consequences. 

It's Your Third DWI: Once you have been charged with a third DWI, it's probably going to automatically become a felony, even if no one was harmed. You want legal defense at this point, since felony charges are serious. You will definitely face more serious charges than if it was your first defense, but your attorney can at least lessen them, even if it just means that you will face a shorter amount of time in jail. 

While you don't need a DWI attorney every time, it's highly recommended in these four different situations since the charges against you are sure to be much more severe. When facing severe charges, having legal defense is much better than none at all. 


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