Fighting For My Reputation

Fighting For My Reputation

Tips For Individuals Facing A DUI Charge

Luke Warren

A person that is charged with driving under the influence will need to proceed carefully if they are to avoid accidentally increasing their legal exposure in this situation. However, it is a reality that defendants will often fail to appreciate the steps that can have the biggest impact on the outcome of their case.

Appreciate That A DUI Charge Is A Serious Criminal Matter

One mistake that is often made is underestimating the severity of being charged with a DUI. While this can be a fairly common charge, it is still a criminal charge that will carry harsh penalties if the defendant is found to be guilty. For example, a person may find that they can face extremely expensive fines as a result of this conviction, and they may also lose the privilege of being able to drive. In cases with repeat offenders, they may even be sentenced to a jail term. Understanding the full scope of the consequences of a DUI can be vital for appreciating the need to take urgent action to defend yourself.

Understand The Payment Structure Your Defense Attorney Will Use

When a person needs to hire a DUI attorney, they will often be worried as to the cost of this representation. However, DUI attorneys will often be able to set up payment plans with their clients that can help them to afford this representation. This is largely due to the fact that it can be difficult to know the exact cost of defending a client at the start of the process. By utilizing a retainer payment structure, the client will essentially be prepaying for the work that the attorney will do. If the case lasts long enough to deplete the retainer, the client will have to pay more so that their attorney can continue this work.

Stay In Regular Contact With The DUI Lawyer Over The Course Of The Case

Defending yourself against any type of criminal charge can be an arduous ordeal due to the amount of time that may be involved. Even seemingly minor cases and offenses can take months or longer to settle. Throughout this lengthy process, you may go days or even a couple of weeks without hearing from your attorney. However, you should always respond as promptly as possible when your attorney is needing to get in contact with you. Many of the matters that can arise over the course of settling your case can be time-sensitive, and delays in returning your attorney's calls can limit their ability to represent you.

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