Fighting For My Reputation

Fighting For My Reputation

Examples of Grounds You May Use to Get a Hardship Driving License After a DUI Conviction

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License suspension is one of the most common forms of punishments for those convicted with DUI (driving under the influence). However, you may apply for and get a hardship driving license under certain conditions. For example, you may be awarded a hardship driving license for:

You Need to Drive to Work

You may get a hardship allowance for employment purposes if your work requires you to drive. Here are a few examples of such situations:

  • You need your car to commute to work because there is no public transport in your route
  • You are a delivery guy who uses their car to get items to client destinations
  • One of your duties at work involves driving the company truck

You Need to Drive to School

It's also possible to get a hardship allowance for education or school purposes. This may be your education or your kid's education. For example, it may be that you have to drive your kids to school and pick them up in the evening every day. Another example is if you are taking evening classes and the only way to make it to school is to drive.

You Are Seeking Rehabilitation

Drug or alcohol treatment is always a good idea if you have been charged with DUI; it may even help you get a lenient sentence. Whether the alcohol classes are required by the court or you are attending them out of your own volition, you may use it as a basis for applying for a hardship license if the only way you can make it to the classes is to drive.

You Need to Drive to Regular Checkups

The court may also award you a hardship license if your need for driving is connected to your health. Maybe you have an ongoing medical problem and you need regular medical checkups, and there is no other practical way for you to make the appointments other than driving.

You Need to Drive to Serve Your Religious Community

Lastly, you may also be allowed a hardship driving license for religious purposes. A good example is if you are a religious leader who attends to the spiritual needs of a certain community, and you need your car in your work. Or maybe there are several religious events coming up and you are supposed to get to them.

Note that hardship driving licenses are typically issued with accompanying limitations. For example, you may be restricted to driving at certain times of the day or driving on certain routes. If you have been issued with a hardship driving license for school purposes, you may be restricted to driving only between your home and the school, and nothing more. To learn more about your options, reach out to DUI attorneys such as Angela L Walker PC.


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