Fighting For My Reputation

Fighting For My Reputation

  • Accused Of Embezzlement As An Employee? 5 Ways To Defend Yourself

    Have you been accused of embezzling money or assets from your employer? Successfully fighting such a charge is vital not only to avoid legal penalties that often include fines and jail time but also to protect your career. So, what are some of the best defenses against this type of white-collar crime accusation? Here are five that may apply in your situation.  1. Lack of Intent One of the four major standards that an embezzlement case must prove is that you intended to defraud your employer.

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Fighting For My Reputation

After I was accused of committing crime that I knew I wasn't guilty of, I realized that there were a few things I needed to take care of, and fast. For starters, I needed to focus on fighting for my reputation by working with a criminal attorney. I started looking around for a great lawyer who was qualified to take my case, and I was able to find a professional that I really felt comfortable with. They had a ton of experience and a commitment to keeping me happy, and within a few short months I was proven innocent. This blog is all about fighting for what you know is right.