Fighting For My Reputation

Fighting For My Reputation

3 Serious Charges That Can Earn You A Harsh Judgment In An OWI Case

Luke Warren

An OWI case can tremendously affect your life. For example, you might not drive for the next few weeks or months if convicted. Besides, a huge fine can land you in financial turmoil. That is why you should do everything in your power to get your charge reduced or dropped. The best way to achieve this is by working with an OWI lawyer. An attorney will help you navigate the charges since they are most experienced in such cases. Most importantly, they can help prevent you from making grievous mistakes that can earn you a severe punishment. A lawyer also comes in handy in complex situations, such as the following:

When Previously Charged for a Similar Offense

Usually, judges believe that habitual OWI offenders are a threat to other road users. That is why they deliver harsh judgments to repeat offenders. This aims to correct the behavior. Therefore, you could get a longer jail term or a hefty fine if you've been previously charged for a similar offense. The judge may also request revocation of your license if they feel that previous penalties haven't rectified your behavior. It is prudent to hire a professional OWI attorney owing to the complexity of this situation.

When Facing Negligence Charges

You'll be in more trouble if your OWI charge gives rise to negligence charges. That means you hurt somebody as you were driving while intoxicated. The individual can file a case against you for causing them bodily harm, putting you at risk of spending years behind bars. In such a situation, your lawyer will fight for a reduced sentence. Essentially, they will do this by countering the prosecutor's and accuser's evidence. And if the prosecutor cannot prove beyond doubt that you were negligent, you will only face OWI charges.

When a Minor Was Present in Your Vehicle during Your Arrest

Unfortunately, you could receive a harsh judgment if a minor was found in your vehicle during your arrest. This is a serious offense, and you may have to spend years in jail even if no one was injured in the accident. The situation might be worse if the minor was below 14 years since your chances of negotiations are limited. However, your legal advisor can work with the prosecutor to get you a lesser charge.

It is not advisable to fight without the help of an OWI lawyer in the situations above. They know how to challenge the prosecutor's evidence and, therefore, will help you get a less severe punishment or acquittal.


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