Fighting For My Reputation

Fighting For My Reputation

  • 3 Things To Know If Someone Places A Protective Order Against You

    If someone you are close to decides to file a protective order against you, it is important for you to understand the effects this may have on you, and it is also important to understand how to respond to it. While a protective order is not really a criminal charge, it can still affect you, and here are a few important things to understand about this. You will need to respond to it properly

  • Should You Refuse to Take a Breathalyzer Test if Asked?

    What do you do when you've been pulled over because you slid through a stop sign without making a full stop or changed lanes without signaling and suddenly find yourself being asked to take a breathalyzer test? Most of the time, you probably should comply. There are times, however, you need to weigh your options carefully, first if refusal becomes the better choice. Here are some of those scenarios. Implied Consent Laws Make Refusal Difficult

  • Defenses That You Should Use After A Date Rape Claim

    While you never want to minimize someone who feels as though she has been raped, you'll definitely need to hire an attorney and establish a strong defense if a partner has accused you of date rape. A conviction for date rape can lead to a number of serious consequences for you, including jail time and being placed on the sex offender registry. Additionally, your reputation will suffer in your community, and you may find that it's difficult to get work.

  • Was Your Spouse Charged With A DUI? How You Can Help Them

    If your spouse was just arrested on a DUI charge, you probably have a million thoughts that are running through your mind. Even though you may feel completely helpless if they are being detained in jail, there are a few things that you can do for them to make the process go a lot smoother. This article will list a few different services for you to consider hiring to help out. Ready to learn some more?

  • Is Your Divorce Attorney Game For Collaborative Divorce?

    The usual way of handling contentious issues in divorce is courtroom litigation, however it's not the only choice. There are several alternatives meant to save divorcing couples money, time, and angst. Among those are no-fault divorce, divorce mediation, and collaborative divorce. You must choose your collaborative divorce attorney with care, as not all divorce lawyers are interested or skilled in this type of divorce. Read on to learn more about determining how willing your divorce lawyer might be to participate in collaborative divorce.

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    Fighting For My Reputation

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