Fighting For My Reputation

Fighting For My Reputation

  • Charged With A Crime? Learn Why You Should Hire A Local Criminal Defense Attorney To Represent You

    If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you may be looking to hire a criminal defense attorney. As you look to hire an attorney, you may find that you can hire law firms that are local or law firms that are multiple cities or states away. This may leave you wondering if there is any benefit to hiring a local attorney. Here are a few of the reasons why you should stick to hiring a local attorney when you need a criminal defense attorney to represent you.

  • Wrongfully Accused Of Being A Drug Dealer

    Were you terrified after getting pulled over, arrested, and accused of being a drug dealer? Getting into serious legal trouble can be overwhelming for someone who is not guilty of committing the crime for which they are charged. However, for the officers to go through with placing you under arrest, it means that there is reasonable suspicion or evidence that you committed the crime in question. For example, if you were driving someone's vehicle who had drugs stashed beneath the seat, the officers may believe that you placed the drugs there.

  • 3 Serious Charges That Can Earn You A Harsh Judgment In An OWI Case

    An OWI case can tremendously affect your life. For example, you might not drive for the next few weeks or months if convicted. Besides, a huge fine can land you in financial turmoil. That is why you should do everything in your power to get your charge reduced or dropped. The best way to achieve this is by working with an OWI lawyer. An attorney will help you navigate the charges since they are most experienced in such cases.

  • How To Try To Refute A Criminal Case Against You

    If you're facing allegations under criminal law, you're probably wondering how you're going to fight back against them. You should plan to address the situation of these four fronts. Retain Counsel Criminal law is complex, and it's unwise to go into court with a lawyer. Talk with several firms and try to find a criminal law attorney who's a good match. Look for a lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours.

  • Why You Should Never Ignore A Traffic Ticket

    Regardless of whether you choose to just pay your traffic ticket or try to fight it in court, the worst thing you can do is to simply ignore a traffic ticket. You will likely end up paying much more money than you otherwise would and you may face other penalties. The Consequences of Ignoring Your Traffic Ticket Beating a traffic ticket is easier than you might think. The officer might have made a mistake or might not even show up to the hearing.

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Fighting For My Reputation

After I was accused of committing crime that I knew I wasn't guilty of, I realized that there were a few things I needed to take care of, and fast. For starters, I needed to focus on fighting for my reputation by working with a criminal attorney. I started looking around for a great lawyer who was qualified to take my case, and I was able to find a professional that I really felt comfortable with. They had a ton of experience and a commitment to keeping me happy, and within a few short months I was proven innocent. This blog is all about fighting for what you know is right.